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> Well, I'm on my way to your side of the world soon. Looking forward to
> seeing a bunch of you on Sunday (What time is the meeting, by the way?).
> I have a couple of logistical questions that some of you might have some
> insight on.
> Since no one indicated an interest in joining me for the Curved
> Air/Caravan show on Saturday, I guess I will brave Shepards Bush by
> myself... Is there any reason for me to buy my ticket locally, when I
> arrive, rather than ordering online?

Looking at the venue site they only offering tickets for level 3 ("Up in the
Gods"), which usually means they are getting close to selling-out.
The online booking will give you the option of email tickets for £2.25 +
usual bkg fee, but would be the safest bet.


> More importantly, I would like to have a mobile phone while I'm over. My
> understanding is that I can pick up an inexpensive pay-as-you-go phone
> for the duration. Is there any particular carrier you would recommend
> (or, perhaps more importantly, would avoid)?
> Finally, I'm planning on going to the Doctor Who Experience. Anyone not
> gone to that who would like to? I'm thinking maybe Saturday, but I'm
> flexible.
> Now, all I have to do is find a hotel to stay in, and I'm set.

> See you soon!
> dha
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