h2xs -x

Dirk Koopman djk at tobit.co.uk
Fri Oct 28 15:40:21 BST 2011

Has anyone managed to get h2xs -x to produce anything on a modern gcc / 
linux combination? It seems to barf parsing the interstices of stdio.h 
etc and, BTW, with totally useless error messages.

I also notice that debian removed the package on 2008 on the grounds 
that "nobody used it" (and it produced this error then).

Expecting parenth after identifier in `struct _IO_FILE_plus _IO_2_1_stdin_;
extern struct _IO_FILE_plus _IO_2_1_stdout_;
extern struct _IO_FILE_plus _IO_2_1_stderr_;
# 364 "/usr/include/libio.h" 3 4
typedef __ssize_t __io_read_fn (void *__cookie, char *__buf, size_t 

typedef __ssize_t __io_write_fn (void *__cookie, __const char *__buf,
      size_t __n);

typedef int __io_seek_fn (void *__cookie, __off64_t *__pos, int __w);
typedef int __io_close_fn (void *__cookie);
typedef __io_read_fn cookie_read_function_t;
typedef __io_write_fn cookie_write_function_t;
typedef __io_seek_fn cookie_seek_function_t;
typedef __io_close_fn cookie_close_function_t;

typedef struct
   __io_read_fn *read;
   __io_write_fn *write;
   __io_seek_fn *seek;
   __io_close_fn *close;
} _IO_cookie_io_functions_t;
typedef _IO_cookie_io_functions_t cookie_io_functions_t;

struct _IO_cookie_file;

extern void _IO_cookie_init (struct _IO_cookie_file *__cfile, int 
         void *__cookie, _IO_cookie_io_functions_t __fns)'
after `struct _IO_FILE_plus _IO_2_1_stdin_' at 
/usr/local/share/perl/5.8.8/C/Scan.pm line 729.

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