The ghost of Matt Wright rears its frightening head

Dave Cross dave at
Mon Nov 14 11:11:35 GMT 2011

Quoting "David H. Adler" <dha at>:

> I came across a website today and when I got to the bottom of a page, it
> indicated it was using a Matt Wright script. (I assume Formmail, but I
> was too taken aback to remember now).
> I want to tell the webmaster there to NOT DO THAT, but I'm not sure what
> the current state of affairs is in this area. Is NMS still the way to
> go? Has it been revised within living memory? :-)

For the falling (but still surprisingly large) number of people who  
want to do things like this by putting CGI programs on their web site  
then, yes, nms is still the best approach that I know of.

The nms code _has_ been updated in living memory. But you'd need to  
have lived a fairly long time or have a _really_ good memory.

It's stable (but not in the biologist sense) so nothing has been  
changed for ages.

> For all I know, there's something new in place for this sort of
> situation, but I'm not aware of it.

Well obviously we should really be pushing them towards something  
implemented in Dancer and PSGI. But I suspect that would lose us about  
90% of the target audience :)



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