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Wed Nov 16 14:39:04 GMT 2011

On Wed, Nov 16, 2011 at 02:21:03PM +0000, Peter Edwards wrote:

> I believe there are a couple of lost souls still at BBC WS.  Not me though
>  :-D
> Anyway, shouldn't daveh's pimping activities be on the perl-jobs list ?
> :->

Depends if you define the jobs list's "on topic" as being
"Perl jobs in London", "Perl jobs of interest to Perl programmers in London"
or "Jobs of interest to Perl programmers in London".

Whilst Ruby might well be of more interest to Perl programmers than Python,
Java, VB or COBOL, I can't see how to have some did-not-mention-Perl jobs on
that list without it turning into a general "London jobs list", which I didn't
think was the intent.

The middle definition seems to be the working definition of what's OK
(according to the denizens of the jobs-discuss list, when critiquing the
information-free missives the pimps send to the jobs list) - ie "a job that
a Perl programmer currently working in London could take, without needing
to move". So any location to which people could sanely commute, starting from
somewhere where people can also sanely commute to London.

With more flexibility on the "sanity" for adverts that are interesting, or
at least informative and buzzword free.

So my take was that it's off topic for the jobs list, but this list sort of
only has an "off topic" of "things that should have been on the jobs list",
so it's not that off topic here. And I wasn't going to say anything about it,
except that I seem to be now. Oops. is having two socials in December. For the avoidance of Heresy*,
the one with the free drinks for newcomers is on the 8th December.

Are there any active Ruby groups in London? Are there even any Ruby
programmers in London?

Nicholas Clark


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