Implementing a Queue in a process

Shantanu Bhadoria shantanu at
Tue Nov 22 07:16:13 GMT 2011

Hey people,
Here is a interesting problem that I am facing right now. I need to
implement a process(in perl) that would sit and wait for someone to push
tasks into its queue, each task consists of a set of information in its
data structure w.r.t the task details.
Now I need to figure out two things:

   - How to implement this queue in a perl process. (remote shared
   Database:mysql?, internal data structure, local SQLite?)
   - How do I push new tasks into this queue ( i.e. interprocess
   communication, Simpler(uglier) for a shared database, but I would prefer a
   process like that to sit in isolation and accept requests and manage them
   on its own so whats the ideal inter-process communication format for
   it?named pipes?).

I would really love to know your opinions on the best way to do it. The
straightforward but ugly way to do this would probably be putting tasks
into a database and have the other process ping the database for new tasks
in queue every second. But I believe there has gotta be a better way to do
it and what better place to figure it out then ask you folks. :)
So what do you guys think is the best implementation for such a requirement?


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