Digest, Vol 73, Issue 15

Shantanu Bhadoria shantanu at
Tue Nov 22 13:15:52 GMT 2011

> Presumably the universal "best" - one in which someone else provides the
> solution and it's already implemented in an easy to use manner at little
> or no cost.
> Yep thats the one I am looking for but I should have specified that.
so here is the details on what I am trying to do.
I am controlling a couple of devices via a  process that runs continuously
and wait for tasks to be performed on those devices, there is a UI that
runs on another system that is supposed to push tasks to this
process(interface could be restful or something else, but we are going with
the idea that the process chould be running on a remote machine away from
the system(s) that tell it to do things. Now when this process gets a
message(task) it needs to put the task in some sort of a internal queue and
run it based on priority(I am thinking multiple queues, one for each
priority) so my process would then take this queue and process it. second
part is the tricky part. The process need to have some way of telling a
querying system if it has worked on a task in the queue or not. or if it
working on it at the moment. One other trouble spot is if a lower priority
task is going on it can be over ridden if a higher priority task is pushed
in the high priority queue. I know there is no system to do all of this but
I think a good MQ solution would form part of my final solution regardless.
so Jason nailed it down closest on that I am looking for something(s) that
is/are prebuilt and I can plug into my solution to make it work.

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