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Mon Dec 5 21:00:47 GMT 2011


This is the draft of the call for speakers for 
FOSDEM 2012. Please give your comments, 
corrections and ideas regarding this texts. 
Specifically, I would very much appreciate your 
input regarding dates, deadlines and subjects of 
talks. Additionally, I am not too sure about the 
sponsoring part. We can remove it altogether for the text.




Taking place in the beautiful city of Brussels 
(Belgium), FOSDEM is the biggest free and 
non-commercial European event organized by and 
for the community. Its goal is to provide Free 
and Open Source developers a place to meet (see 

Two years ago, the Perl community was for the 
first time present at FOSDEM. Our presence –a 
booth– was very successful. It boosted our 
confidence and the following year we came back 
with a bigger group, a bigger stand and --for the 
first time-- a dev-room. The talks were varied, 
interesting... and well attended.

For this upcoming edition (2012), our dev-room 
request has been approved (the stand request is 
still pending and we foresee no problems there). 
The stand will be open throughout the weekend. 
The dev-room event will take place Sunday 
February 5th 2012 , between 9 and 17h.

We, the Perl community, are free to spent our 
time in the dev-room as we see fit (of course 
respecting the frame of Free and Open Source 
software). The room itself has 81 seats, WIFI and a VGA projector.

This environment, being a university classroom 
with raised seats, lends itself perfectly for talks and classes.

This is a wonderful opportunity to present your 
Perl project –big and small– or teach about 
subjects you care about. We are looking for a 
variety of subjects on all levels: starter and 
advanced, generic and specialised, core internals 
and CPAN. We have 8 hours time, so we have the 
flexibility of using different time formats: e.g. 
lightnings talks of 20 minutes, more classic 
talks of 40 minutes or longer, and classes of 1 
hour (or longer, depending on the complexity).

Please don't doubt to send a proposal 
(information about yourself, subject, short 
description and time needed) if you think you 
have the material. If you have several subjects 
you are enthusiastic to talk about please send 
alternative proposals. In the case more than one 
talk is not selected, your proposal will help us 
when putting the schedule together and even have 
“backup” talks in case someone cancels.

Please send your talk or class proposal before 
January 6th, 2012. We will confirm the 
talk/course as soon as possible, with Saturday 
2012-01-21 being our own deadline to send our 
schedule to the FOSDEM organizer. <THIS NEEDS MORE WORK>

Claudio Ramirez (nxadm, 
<mailto:padre.claudio at apt-get.be>padre.claudio at apt-get.be) 
and the Belgian Perl Mongers.

NB: This is a community event without sponsoring. 
We don't have the means to pay for your trip and 
time. If you want to sponsor part of the event, 
please feel free to contact us.

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