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Fri Dec 9 03:13:49 GMT 2011

Good morning, Perl Mongers,

This is a followup to my post to the Perl jobs-discuss mailing list.  Terrence picked it up here: and the original can be found here:

About six weeks ago, I was contacted by a recruiter and asked if I was interested in a team lead position in New Jersey, and so begins my story.  

I was wanting to get back into the community after a limiting contract, but this wasn't really the sort of splash I hoped to make.  I've never been moved to do something like this in the 10+ years I've been programming professionally.  I've experienced some less than honest recruiting techniques and companies that had no issue jerking people around, but I was made aware this morning that there were at least two other Perl programmers affected, including junior candidates that probably had more hanging on this than I did.

I sent the following list of events to both NET-A-PORTER and the recruiting agency 7 Dec.  Earlier today (8 Dec.), the recruiter called me and confirmed this, point by point.  NET-A-PORTER has, as of yet, not replied.

1) That NET-A-PORTER was fully aware of the contract rate during the interview

2) That NET-A-PORTER selected me to lead their US team and I was asked to wait 
   for final sign off.

3) That NET-A-PORTER was aware that I let another opportunity go based on my
   understanding that my employment was pending a 'final signature'.

4) That as a condition of final sign off NET-A-PORTER asked that, at the end 
   of the 6 month contract period, I would be willing to accept $30K less than 
   the original budgeted salary with the proviso that the salary would be open
   to renegotiation based on the market conditions at that time.  Furthermore
   that I agreed to this.

5) That NET-A-PORTER decided to withdraw the position at this point and no 
   longer build out a US-based Perl development team. The reason given is that
   it would cost 1/2 as much to build out a team in the UK.

For a company that espouses their programming culture and community support, I can't understand how they could think this was even remotely acceptable.  If anyone has any questions, please feel free to contact me.  The recruiter gave permission to share contact information with any interested parties regarding this situation.

I know I'm not in the UK but, short of trying for slashdot, I thought this was the most appropriate venue for informing those who should be most aware of their actions.


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