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Fri Dec 9 10:04:48 GMT 2011

On 9 December 2011 08:10, Rudolf Lippan <rlippan at> wrote:
>> Your recruitment agent could well be telling porky pies NaP, are a
> Perhaps, but she seemed pretty willing to back it up...

Hmm.. When at LOVEFiLM we had lots of recruiters telling fibs - we had
an exclusive partnership with BlueGlue, and it was made clear on the
website and where the job was advertised, yet recruiters were telling
candidates all sorts of things about why we weren't hiring them and it
was very fraustrating when meeting people who apparently got turned
down when nobody had even seen their CV.

I wouldn't put much faith in anything I didn't hear directly from a
N-a-P employee on this matter.

>> pretty reputable outfit - anything you didnt hear directly from them
>> I'd take with a pinch of salt, and I'd never turn down another offer
>> without a written offer or signed contract, certainly not on the word
>> of a recruiter.
> I think it is all about fit. NaP looked to be a perfect fit in terms in
> terms of community and environment for me, so I think it was worth the
> risk, but I did not expect a reputable company to pull something like this...
>> Could be worth re-applying directly to that ad, if you haven't just
>> marked your own card by your posts about them to perl lists
> Are you serious?

Did you get an offer from NaP themselves, from a NaP email or verbally
from an actual NaP employee? That's the key thing, if so then you're
right to feel let down.

I noticed at the end of that new post they explicityly state no
recruiters, there's probably a good reason for that.


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