Dave Cross dave at
Fri Dec 9 10:42:13 GMT 2011

Quoting Raphael Mankin <raph at>:

> The agency does the legwork, saving both the company time in going
> through lots of CVs, and the contractor in having to trawl through
> hundreds of company web sites looking for jobs.
> The agency centralises the billing so that the company has to deal with
> fewer invoices at the end of the month.
> The agency smooths out the cash flow to the contractor. Large companies
> can take a very long time to pay an invoice.
> The agency insulates the company from many of the restrictions of
> employment law.
> As a contractor of 40+ years, I don't grudge them their 10%. When I
> started they used to take 37%+. Some things have improved.

We're talking about permie recruitment here, not contractors.


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