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Hi there,

I'm an employee at NET-A-PORTER. I've been asked to forward the
response from our head of recruitment, which I've pasted in full

I've also posted this to the Perl Jobs discussion list.
(I was unable to continue the thread there as I wasn't a member of
that list until earlier today.)



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Hi Rudolf,

I’m James and I head up the recruitment team for the NET-A-PORTER
Group of businesses; I’d like to start by apologizing for this
situation.  I truly understand how frustrating and isolating the
interview process can be: we try to stay in close contact with all
candidates interviewing for roles within our organization, wherever
possible we try to avoid using third party recruiters, as so often our
message becomes occluded and things inevitably get ‘lost in
translation’.  I am very disappointed that much of what the recruiter
has told you is incorrect; I would welcome the opportunity to speak
with you directly to try to resolve this situation.  I will also be
speaking to the Recruitment Agency separately about this.

For everyone else that has contributed to the discussion please
understand that whilst we do partner with third party recruiters from
time to time we have little or no control over what individual agents
might purportedly say on our behalf, which is why we always encourage
you to speak to members of our team directly – many of our developers
are active within the community.  We are deeply committed to the
on-going development of  Perl; both internally and within the wider
community.  You can find out more, or reach our recruitment team
directly, via

Many thanks,


James Hudson

Global Recruitment Manager


1 The Village Offices

Westfield London Shopping Centre

Ariel Way


W12 7GF

(T) +44 0203 471 4589

(M) +44 7884 250 784

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