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On Fri, Dec 09, 2011 at 07:11:58PM +0000, Paul Makepeace typed:

> I'm surprised you think food cheaper is cheaper in UK, unless you're
> comparing LIDL with Trader Joe's. Finding somewhere decent to eat
> requires some thought in London; requires no thought at all anywhere
> I've been in California (OR seems pretty good too)

I thought Trader Joe's was quite cheap!  Although this is relative
to Whole Foods.  UK Whole Foods has to have the silliest prices
I've ever seen and any street market anywhere in the world is
going to be cheaper than a supermarket for most things.

As for finding places to eat doesn't everyone just pull up reviews
from rating sites on their smartphones?  I've usually found eating
well in any country or city easy now and usually the reviews are
spot on.

> Your other points seem to show US is cheaper/ends up more $ in your
> pocket, which I'd agree with and come to the conclusion I'd come to is
> as a developer you're massively better off financially in the US. (Of
> course, irrelevant if you don't want to live there.)

That's the conclusion I'd draw from this thread.

Most people's money goes on housing not food anyway.

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