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On Fri, Dec 09, 2011 at 06:03:25PM +0100, Richard Foley wrote:

> ps. I'd add that telecommuting might sometimes work for a permie, but this
> variant is much less common because permies usually want a career path, and for
> a career path you need to be *seen* by the boss carrying your clipboard around
> the office, or play golf, or take an apple in, or whatever it takes, to get
> that promotion over your competition who ARE IN THE OFFICE.

I don't recognise that, and find it to be a rather silly caricature.

Many permies are permies because they don't want the hassle of looking
for new contracts every few months, don't want the hassle of invoicing
and chasing bills and all that nonsense.  Many of us don't want a career
path either - we've found jobs that we like doing, and would just like
to get on with them and not waste our time either in being "promoted" to
management or in messing about with invoices etc.

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