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On 10 December 2011 23:06, ian dochert <ian at> wrote:
>> If you don't have everyone remote then these comments happen... at the
>> physical water cooler, if everyone is remote then you can create your
>> virtual water cooler (IRC or what ever).
> Interestingly the converse of this can be useful too.
> Developers can be annoyed when interrupted when they are 'in the zone'.
> For this reason several of us have instigated the policy that if you
> want to ask a question of another developer, even the one sitting next
> to you, you do so initially through an IRC request.
> The small 'ping' of an IRC is less disruptive than a tap on the
> shoulder and you can complete your current work before giving it, and
> your co-developer, your full attention.

So very very true - nothing worse than people who will ignore the
"subtle hint" of a large pair of overhead headphones and come and wave
at you to get your attention rather than ask a quick question on
irc/skype that you could answer in 5 or 10 minutes without affecting


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