Simon Wilcox essuu at
Mon Dec 12 13:04:56 GMT 2011

On 12/12/2011 12:37, Nicholas Clark wrote:
> [I can't remember if he was also the first person to alert me to the thought
> that it's also a "cover your back" mechanism for your actions. If you Cc: it
> to people, then later you can tell them that they*had*  a copy back then, so
> it's hard to complain later]
> All this leads to the default being a flood of e-mail. Which everyone
> (and the organisation as a whole) pays for.

This is one of the stated reasons for Thierry Breton 'banning' internal 
email at Atos. (study 
finds only 15% of internal emails "useful")

That and the fact that many new graduate recruits don't use email much 
any more.

I think he might have some success if he finds a way to replace email 
with a mechanism that allows people to be alerted to information they 
need to know. As long it doesn't descend to Sir Humphrey levels. 
( from about 1:30 onwards)

The problem is that I suspect that there isn't a good mechanism for 
doing that at the moment and email is the best tool that exists in many 
cases (for general business management, I know there are good tools for 
development teams).


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