Should I work in the US or the UK? - which pays best? (slight diversion)

Richard Foley richard.foley at
Wed Dec 14 09:23:16 GMT 2011

Adding a little diversity here, by including Germany, where I currently live
with my family.  Simon's museum reference hit hard, I sympathise, and can
confirm it's the same here in Munich.  The paucity of anything comparable to
the London, open to the public, museums is quite extraordinary, given that
Munich is the capital of the free state of Bavaria, and virtually it's own
little country even today.  Anything worth seeing is also very expensive to get
in to, I can only presume thus to keep the riff-raff out.  

I think what we're seeing here, as a Londoner born and bred, is a case of not
appreciating the facilities provided by being the centre of Empire, until
they're not on one's doorstep any more.  It's easy to forget that London was
the centre of the world's largest Empire for several hundred years, even if
it's politically incorrect to crow about it, and "we" spent a lot of that time
happily looting whatever we could get our greedy little paws on, and building
the "national collection", whether through private donations or direct overseas
acquisition.  Happily for those who live in London, anyway ;-)


Richard Foley

On Tue, Dec 13, 2011 at 02:39:13PM -0800, Paul Mison wrote:
> ohai Long time, no see.
> On 13 December 2011 13:01, Simon Wistow <simon at> wrote:
> > The Location
> >
> > SF seems more like a big city stuffed into a small city's footprint.
> > It's much easier to get around (terrible public transport not
> > withstanding). It's much easier to move between parts of the city and to
> > randomly bump into people. Nearby we have world class mountain sports,
> > wine country, surfing, diving, hiking, mountain biking, the desert.
> For me, as a culture vulture, SF doesn't cut it. SFMOMA is the size
> of, what, the Wallace Collection? As for a really world class museum,
> there isn't one, whereas London has the two Tates, the two National
> Galleries, the British Museum, the Exhibition Road cluster, the
> NMM/RGO, and that's just the big free ones that I can remember.

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