Should I work in the US or the UK? - which pays best? (slight diversion)

Travis Basevi travis at
Wed Dec 14 15:52:09 GMT 2011

On 14/12/2011 09:39, Kieren Diment wrote:

> (I've got to concur with Toby btw. Australia is a pretty good option
> in a lot of respects. Outside of Melbourne, Perl jobs (as opposed to
> jobs with some perl) are a bit thin on the ground...

Not that I'm necessarily in a hurry to move back just yet, but by 
"outside of Melbourne" do you mean in the areas just outside of 
Melbourne, or are you including the rest of Australia in that and 
implying that Melbourne is some sort of IT hot-bed?

Either way, it's rare to see a position in Australia come up on


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