Perl threads and libwww wierdness

Peter Vereshagin peter at
Thu Dec 15 14:36:04 GMT 2011


2011/12/14 12:16:04 +1100 Toby Wintermute <tjc at> => To Perl M[ou]ngers :
TW> I'm hitting some really odd behaviour, infrequently, with libwww and
TW> mechanize under a highly-threaded Perl.

TW> Error rates initially increase with the number of simultaneous
TW> threads, but seem to top off at .1%. (ie. One in a thousand requests)

(i)Threaded perl5 ( 'use threads' ) doesn't seem to be recommended for
production environments.

Forks are the standard IPC method for perl5. Event-driven stuff (AE/EV) is a
more advanced way, but for 40 parallel requests the forks are just ok.

E. g., I used ms-windows native threads behind the scenes visible as fork()s
from perl5.

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