Perl threads and libwww wierdness

Dave Hodgkinson davehodg at
Mon Dec 19 22:35:13 GMT 2011

On 18 Dec 2011, at 14:48, Ruud H.G. van Tol wrote:

> On 2011-12-18 08:43, Dave Hodgkinson wrote:
>> On 18 Dec 2011, at 02:57, Yitzchak Scott-Thoennes wrote:
>>> If all you need is to return results of a discrete bit of work to the
>>> parent, Parallel::ForkManager makes it trivial.
>> And the best way to return those results...?
> Unless the exit code is information enough:
> I like to call it "merge results", and involve a database.

Ah, OK. I was hoping for some magic my 30 years of Unix had
overlooked :)

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