lovefilm - spamming f-tards or decent employer?

Rudolf Lippan rlippan at
Fri Dec 23 18:15:29 GMT 2011

On Friday, December 23, 2011 at 10:53:40 AM, Sue Spence wrote:

> So far it's just one person.  I believe you mentioned that you were

One person, who accused them of being 'spamming f-tards'. I have not seen any
of this spam myself.

I would like to see the headers, and I am still waiting for answers to my
question about whether the SPF/DKIM/Domain Keys stuff checked out.

> looking for a job in London, but the topic drift you're attempting to
> commit here is not cool.

Nope, I am *not* looking for a job in London, nor am I attempting to drift
the conversation in the way you are implying. See above.

Perhaps your impression is colored by earlier events. I intended nothing more

WRT the question posed in the subject, 1) did <company> *really* say that about
a hired third party?  And 2) *IF* so, it is strongly indicative of <company>
not being a "decent employer" because....

Or, more plainly yet, to answer the question, "can 'spamming f-tards' be
'decent employer[s]'?

Again, the origin of the spam is still in question....


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