Laptop Recommendation

Andrew Jones andrewjones86 at
Mon Jan 23 18:38:04 GMT 2012

On 23 January 2012 18:17, Smylers <Smylers at> wrote:
> Andrew Jones writes:
>> On 23 January 2012 12:51, Smylers <Smylers at> wrote:
>> > The ThinkPad X220 also looks plausible. Anybody able to report on
>> > the touchpad? Or whether they off warranty extensions to 4 years?
>> I have the X220. The touchpad seems OK to me.
> Thanks.
>> My main problem with the X220 touchpad is when I use too fingers to
>> scroll, it either doesn't register or ends up jumping half the page.
> Hmmm, doesn't sound good. Which OS do you use?

Windows 7. It could be software, or it could be the touchpads
sensitivity. Hard to know for sure without installing another OS.

> Is two-finger scrolling any good (when it works, obviously)? I've never
> had a system where that was an option.

I like it. Makes up for not having the mouse wheel. It was enabled by
default on Ubuntu on me Eee, so thats when I got used to it. I have
never tried any other gestures.


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