Laptop Recommendation

Smylers Smylers at
Mon Jan 23 20:50:45 GMT 2012

Mallory van Achterberg writes:

> Hi, Whenever you find what you like, let us know.

Will do.

Dell are currently un-impressing with their sales team. A "Senior
Business Consultant" had recently mailed asking if I had any IT
requirements (presumably cos they have my address from previous
purchases), so I sent him a list of features I'm looking for in a

He replied very promptly, with a mail in which the only content was:

  Please provide me your contact number to call and discuss about this.

I'm not looking to "discuss" this (let alone "discuss about" it)! I'm
wanting facts about the products they sell. And if I'd wanted to speak
to somebody, I would've phoned them in the first place rather than
e-mailing. Bah.

I replied saying I'd prefer e-mail (and surely a company trying to get
my money would be keen to communicate in a way that suits me, and in
general try not to annoy me?), and haven't heard anything since. Bah.

> Stay away from Sonys if you care about power management.

Thanks for the advice -- dis-recommendations like this are also useful.
(Also I've never been keen on giving Sony money since the root-kit audio
CD incident, thought that's probably irrational of me to hold that
against an entirely different part of Sony many years later and without
researching what other laptop manufacturers have been up to which could
be just as bad.)


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