5 minimums for any perl script?

Joseph Werner telcodev at gmail.com
Sun Jan 29 23:34:06 GMT 2012

>> So if Perl Best Practices is too much, and you could only have 5 rules
>> for any perl script, what would they be?
>  ...
> 3. Strictures: Always 'use strict' (and 'use warnings' during development) and
>   explicitly state your minimum Perl version requirement. (e.g. 'use v5.10')
>   [Ch18: "Strictures", "Warnings"]

I will agree with always 'use strict', I have never [yet] had to not
'use warnings' AFTER development.
Explicitly stating minimum Perl version requirement does not rise to
the same level of concern as  'use strict'  and 'use warnings'.  How
often do you regression test to know the minimum Perl version
requirement anyhow?

Grateful for the lessons in BPB in any event.

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