Laptop Recommendation

Kent Fredric kentfredric at
Thu Feb 2 19:05:25 GMT 2012

On 24 January 2012 08:01, Mallory van Achterberg
<stommepoes at> wrote:
> Many of the cheaper laptops I would have considered ran Optimus.
> Optimus is great... if you run Windows.

I have an optimus laptop, and its not that bad. It takes a bit of
effort at present to get it working, but when you manage to get it
going, it works like a charm, and almost as good as it is in windows.

^ this runs as a daemon backgrounded with a seperate X session running
on the GPU.

And then  to run something accelerated, you have to prefix starting it
with a special command

  optirun ~/path/to/

for example.

Its not supported stock anywhere yet that I can see, but there is
certainly hope.

Its certainly bloody good considering Nvidia are refusing to support
it on Linux.


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