Jones, Christopher c.jones at
Wed Feb 29 18:21:04 GMT 2012

On 29 Feb 2012, at 17:11, Leo Lapworth wrote:

> Quoting Christopher Jones <c.jones at>:
>> I'm looking for a decent book to help get me up to speed with Mason but
>> could only find "Embedding Perl in HTML with Mason" on Amazon - a paper
>> edition from 2002 and a more recent 2010 edition on Kindle only.
> Mason 2 was released:  Feb 16, 2011 - I'm guessing (but don't know)
> that it changed quite a bit.
> Personally I use Plack + Template toolkit + Catalyst mostly.
> But not sure _why_ you want to learn Mason, if it's for an existing site then
> the book may be of use.

New job, old tricks new to old dog....

Have to confess, I didn't realise Mason (1) was quite *that* old....


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