IPv6 addresses

Mark Blackman mark at blackmans.org
Mon Mar 12 13:53:14 GMT 2012

On 12 Mar 2012, at 13:38, Chris Dennis wrote:

> I obviously worded my question very badly.  By 'process the IPv6 addresses' I meant 'convert e.g. 2001:dead:beef:cafe::1 into some sort of bit string and then apply a 64-bit mask to give 2001:dead:beef:cafe::'.  That isn't always as trivial as it seems in that example.
> Modules such as NetAddr::IP::Util provide functions for that sort of thing.
> I was just asking for recommendations as to which of the many available modules are well regarded.

Despite not being recently updated, I appear to have used Net::IP successfully in
some recently created IPv6 munging code.

- Mark

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