Emergency social - Sunday evening (Was: Schwern in London)

Tomas Doran bobtfish at bobtfish.net
Fri Mar 23 13:58:27 GMT 2012

On 23 Mar 2012, at 09:57, Tomas Doran wrote:

> On 23 Mar 2012, at 09:49, Gianni Ceccarelli wrote:
>> Schwern is in London. This calls for beer,
>> I asked him on Twitter if he preferred Sunday or Tuesday (which are the days I'm easily free-able), and he said "both".
>> Someone please propose a place, my knowledge of pubs is deplorable.
> I vote for Mason and Taylor.
> http://www.masonandtaylor.co.uk/

Following discussion on IRC - yes, there.

6 pm.

See you all there.


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