Programming Heresy

Uri Guttman uri at
Fri Mar 30 16:20:58 BST 2012

On 03/30/2012 05:24 AM, Steve Mynott wrote:
> Has anyone tried programming outside?
> E-ink (like on the Kindle) works well in sunlight and I wondered if
> any such device would be useable (ideally with a decent keyboard).

in years (and decades) past, i did some coding on source printouts. i 
could do it anywhere including outside which i enjoyed immensely. my 
coding on paper was scribbles, crossed out code, arrows moving things 
around, very fugly pseudocode notation only i could decipher, etc. often 
it was just enough to make me remember my ideas which i could then type 
up on a keyboard. i could be very creative when coding on paper like 
that (in or outdoors) but i still have fond memories of outdoor sessions 
in the shade under sunny skies. :)


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