Google Chart API with Perl -Dancer - SQLite DB

Barbie barbie at
Tue Apr 17 13:47:55 BST 2012

Hi Taka,

Possibly late in the day, but ...

> I'm current working on the project that requires using Dancer,
> SQLite, Template::Toolkit and Google API to build a test database
> web application that will allow users to add and delete, or modify
> data in the database and the result should be shown on the table and
> Google Chart on the web.
> I have so far managed to get the table done, I can can add and
> removed data from the database and the results are shown on the web
> page. However, I'm struggling with the Google Chart API. I have
> looked the Google::Chart and Template::Plugin::GoogleChart modules,
> but I found them quite hard to digest, so no much luck so far.

Have a look at my Graphs module [1] for the CPAN Testers Statistics
website [2]. It includes most of the parameters you're likely to need.
It took a lot of experimenting, so hopefully you'll find it useful.

Note this module uses simple CSV files, but should be simple enough to
tie into a database.


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