Perl Teach-In 2012

Dave Cross dave at
Tue Apr 24 14:16:04 BST 2012

Update: This is now fully booked. It took about 20 hours to sell out.  
In 2007 it took about two days for the same size course to sell out. I  
guess it's true that Perl is dying :)

Quoting Dave Cross <dave at>:

> It's almost five years since we ran the original Perl Teach-In day  
> at the BBC. So it's about time that we did another one.
> And that's exactly what I'm going to do. I'm running a free, one-day  
> Perl course at Google Campus in London on Saturday 4th August.
> You can book tickets at
> Last time we ran a course that turned intermediate Perl programmers  
> into advanced Perl programmers. This time I'm aiming at the other  
> end of the scale. The course is called "Modern Perl for Non-Perl  
> Programmers" and it will be aimed at people who haven't written any  
> Perl (or who have written very little Perl) and over six hours I'll  
> be planning to to persuade them just how useful modern Perl is.
> That, of course, means that people on this list aren't really in the  
> target audience. But I expect that you all know people who are (it's  
> very unlikely that any of you don't know any non-Perl programmers).  
> So I'd like to ask for your help in promoting the course. Please  
> share the link in as many places as you can think of where non-Perl  
> programmers might congregate.
> Cheers,
> Dave...

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