Perl 6 talk & tutorial in Bristol, 19 May

Peter Haworth pmh1wheel at
Fri Apr 27 17:32:37 BST 2012

Jonathan Worthington and Carl Masak are both flying over to Bristol next
month to talk about Perl 6, as part of the first "IT MegaMeet" at UWE.
They'll be giving a half hour talk and a 2 hour tutorial, but apart from
an introduction to Bristol&, that's currently the only
presentation of Perl in the schedule. There are still a few free talk,
tutorial and lightning talk slots though, so I'm sure participation from
outside Bristol would be welcome, even though the event is primarily
aimed at local people. I'd be thinking about presenting something
myself, but I'm going to be at Waltz on the Wye that weekend.

This is a free event, but places are limited, so register early at

Finally, I realise that there's some antipathy towards the organiser
from some members of, which is why Lyle isn't making this
announcement himself. However, the event seems to be getting quite a lot
of support from the various Bristol technical groups, so please try not
to let any dislike you might have of Lyle weigh too heavily against the
plusses of attending.

Peter Haworth

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