Best practices for API wrapper development?

Alex Balhatchet kaoru at
Tue May 8 17:03:49 BST 2012

Way back in '06 when I first wrote WebService::Nestoria::Search I was
encouraged to copy the style of Yahoo::Search - given that it was
written by Jeffrey Friedl and is now maintained by Tim Bunce I think
that counts as "on the shoulders of giants" too :-)

The style is very Do It All Yourself but it's simple enough to
maintain given small/incremental changes in the API.

- Alex

On Tue, May 8, 2012 at 4:52 PM, Dave Hodgkinson <davehodg at> wrote:
> I hated the Amazon one, it was overkill. Probabl my usual approach of
> flinging hashes around is suboptimal. Schwern's position on the shoulders
> of giants by using DBIC for a relatively simple interface might be too heavy.
> Examples you like?

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