[OT] Prepaid mobile plans with data, possibly roaming

Paul Makepeace paulm at paulm.com
Thu Aug 23 07:59:34 BST 2012

The charge is to attempt to mitigate the Tragedy of the Commons which would
affect everyone else so just fork over the cash already ;)

In practice that all said I've never run into any restrictions with T
Mobile but I also don't take the piss so who knows...

Written on my phone
On Aug 22, 2012 11:29 PM, "Toby Wintermute" <tjc at wintrmute.net> wrote:

> On 23 August 2012 00:41, Anthony Lucas <anthonyjlucas at gmail.com> wrote:
> > They just want you to buy their tethering add-on and mifi products.
> It's probably simpler for me to just pay for the damn tethering
> add-on, but part of me is annoyed at the restriction and wishes to try
> to bypass it :)
> I'll try VPNing back to my shell account and see what happens.. can't
> be any slower than 3G already is..
> TC

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