[OT] Prepaid mobile plans with data, possibly roaming

the hatter london.pm at bang.meep.org
Fri Aug 24 00:00:24 BST 2012

On Tue, 21 Aug 2012, Anthony Lucas wrote:

> 3 can be quite good with the traffic detection if it's obvious.

I've used all the other real networks over the last many years - from my 
current t-mobile contract and my orange PAYG with 1ukp/day data addon, 
think my previous payg option was vodafone and I've used voda, orange and 
o2 previously as contract sims.  All have been used to tether my phone, 
none (at least since the invention of on-phone data) have had any 
tethering specified in the contract or payg deal, just standard voice and 

I don't torrent, but I've done long backups, vaguely large single file 
transfer (cd and dvd ISOs), and have a fair amount of background chatter. 
Never heard a peep from any of the networks about my tethering.  So I 
wonder, aside from 3 customers, who has tethered without asking, and had 
their network care ?

the hatter

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