Smylers Smylers at stripey.com
Tue Aug 28 19:13:53 BST 2012

Mark Fowler writes:

> woolfy, book, ash, cog
> = Already established as group (see other threads)
> ACME, Email, Getopt, Date
> = Already established as group (see other threads)
> Therefore:
> crunch, biff, kapow, awk
>  = Batman sound effects (see Acme::MetaSyntactic::batman)

Yup, it turns out an episode of 'Batman' used "AWK!" in one of the fight

A few people collaboratively solved this on IRC yesterday, and one
person e-mailed the solution privately. In every case consulting
Acme::MetaSyntactic::batman was required to untangle the final groups --
though BooK only showed up on IRC towards the end; it's possible he
would've got that one without help.

> comm, clang, ping, bash
>  = Remaining group

So that's 4 points for the groups, and 1 point for identifying the
connection in the 'Batman' group.

For the rest of the points we still need to state what the connections
are for t'other 3 groups.


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