Which sucks least? Sky, Talktalk to BT broadband?

Dominic Thoreau dominic at thoreau-online.net
Thu Aug 30 10:38:35 BST 2012

On 30 August 2012 07:15, Andrew Beattie <andrew at tug.com> wrote:
> i am moving out of the london.pm area, into a broadband wasteland in PA17 5DA, where the nearest exchange is here:
> http://www.samknows.com/broadband/exchange/WSWEM
> What, in the option of London.pm would be my least lame broadband option?
*slaps head*.

Follow the link here! It's just *possible* that he's interested in
either BT *or* one of the LLU providers on that exchange, of where
there are only the 2 ISPs he's mentioned have a presence there.?

I've been with Sky in the past as a customer: they're not going to be
able to have any extras, and their customer service line has taken
ages to get to talk to a human in the past (they were surprisingly
un-apologetic for this when I did talk to them eventually), but if
you're also getting TV off them then broadband is likely to be at a
discount. Performance seemed good, but this depends on distance from
the exchange.

Nonnullus unus commodo reddo is mihi.

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