Brainbench perl test?

Matt Freake matthew.d.freake at
Tue Sep 4 14:31:22 BST 2012

> > > And besides, I don't think I'd really want to work with a programmer
> who
> > > didn't know what the Fibonacci sequence is :-)
> >
> > I dunno. Think of the teaching opportunities :)
> >

My concern would be, given that interviews are already a fairly stressful
situation, that the developer familiar with Fibonacci is immediately put at
ease. I know I can often rattle off the answer to something I know far more
quickly and in a confident manner, than something I'm seeing for the first
time. Am I a good enough interviewer to distinguish a good developer, and
someone who's seen or coded the problem before ? No.

For that reason, I would have thought there were other, better, recursion
problems out there I could use.


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