Who made the law?

Joel Bernstein joel at fysh.org
Tue Sep 4 20:57:07 BST 2012

On 4 September 2012 21:42, Lyle <webmaster at cosmicperl.com> wrote:
> There should of course be rules. Because as we've all seen, common decency
> is all too easily forgotten in this dehumanised form of communication. I've
> no need to remind people of my experience with LPM. The abuse I received for
> enthusiastically asking questions, which led me to retaliate and make
> inappropriate jokes, left both myself and LPM looking bad.

As I recall, people were too busy laughing and/or cringing. While you
made an abject fool of yourself, it didn't really reflect badly on
anybody else. Anyway, didn't you just say you had no need to remind
people of your "experience"?

> Mark's rules look good, but the most important thing is that these rules
> apply to EVERYBODY. Not, "these are the rules for this list... but us
> regulars are allowed to be as abusive as we like". Otherwise this list will
> continue to bear all the hallmarks of a corrupt foreign state.

It's nice that you insult us even as you offer opinions masquerading
as facts. Does that attitude engender respect for your opinions on the
whole? A lecturing tone rarely goes down well but from the perpetrator
of far greater offences than are even being discussed now it does come
across as hilariously un-self-aware. Still, at least there's one
person who can be relied upon to keep the cosmedy level up.


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