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Dave Cross dave at dave.org.uk
Sun Sep 9 13:34:07 BST 2012


I'm hoping the collective intelligence of london.pm can help me fix a 
problem I've been having for a few weeks.

I get my internet connection from Be. I'm happy with them. I use their 
supplied "BeBox"[1]. Everything[2] connects to it through wifi. All is 
good. Everything can talk to the internet. And everything on the 
internal network can talk to everything else on  the internal network.

The wireless network was unprotected. This was bad off me.

A few months ago I started to get email from Be saying that I had to 
update the firmware in my BeBox so that it would work with a network 
upgrade they were in the process of rolling out. I put this off for 
weeks and their emails got more and more desperate.

Finally, a few weeks ago I bit the bullet and upgraded the firmware. It 
took a while but eventually I finished and everything seemed to work.

Except, after I while I noticed a problem. All of the devices on the 
internal network could still connect to the internet, but they could no 
longer connect to each other. In fact, they could no longer even see 
each other.

   $ ping
   PING ( 56(84) bytes of data.
   From icmp_seq=1 Destination Host Unreachable
   From icmp_seq=2 Destination Host Unreachable

I've posted a query about this on the Be forum. And I've had a few 
suggestions. But nothing has worked.

I'm a bit of a networking idiot. As long as things work, I'm fine. But 
when I get problems like this, my knowledge runs out very quickly. So 
I'm turning to the fine denizens of this list in the hope that some of 
you will have an idea or two.

Has anyone else on Be done the same upgrade? Have you had similar 
problems? What did you do to fix them?

Alternatively... Does anyone have any suggestions on how I could fix 
this problem?

Thanks all,



[1] Actually a rebranded Thomson TG587n v2
[2] Where "everything" is a couple of Linux PCs, a Macbook, a Wii and a 
couple of Samsung internet-enabled Bluray players. A printer. Oh and 

Dave Cross :: dave at dave.org.uk

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