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On 10/09/2012 09:49, Martin A. Brooks wrote:
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>> IMHO the idea of your router doing WAP duty is just plain nuts.
> Why?

The wireless zone is then seperate from the firewall.

If someone hacks through the WAP they then have to work past my firewall
to the other zones/subnetworks or into the firewall box itself.

If the WAP *is* the router and main firewall once they get in it is
more likely they will gain access to the rest of the network - as
most people (I know configure a router's WAP as the "trusted home
network" - and all the thompson routers I have seen don't even have
an admin password configured - anyone on the "home" betwork can
reconfigure the router :-/

It may be old school but I believe in layers - preferably on seperate
hardware and software!

Jacqui "pessemist" Caren

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