[ANNOUNCE] Social, 1 Nov 2012, Evening Star, BN1 3PB

David Cantrell david at cantrell.org.uk
Fri Oct 5 13:05:02 BST 2012

Oh dear, November is one of those *complicated* months when, for reasons
lost to the ages, we have two socials.  The first of them, following the
Original and Best rule, is on the 1st of November.  As is traditional,
it will be south of the river.

And you can't get much souther than Brighton, not without going to
places where people talk funny.

Some of us will be starting early and going on a bit of a pub crawl,
starting at the Lord Nelson for lunch, then on to the Battle of
Trafalgar and a few others before ending up at the Evening Star in the

There are many trains between London and Brighton, with journeys taking
about an hour from Victoria or London Bridge.  The last northbound train
leaves at 11:30-ish, so there's plenty of time for working your way
through all the delicious foaming ales that the Evening Star has.

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