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Randy J. Ray rjray at
Fri Oct 26 08:58:15 BST 2012

On 10/26/12 12:43 AM, William Blunn wrote:
> Hello London Perl Mongers,
> What do people reckon to use when wanting to do Perl syntax highlighting
> (Perl ? HTML), such as one might want to use in one's source code
> repository browser.

I built a web-based tool around Perl::Critic for my employer, and for 
syntax-coloring I used PPI::HTML. I have yet to see it get confused by 
anything, and it has had to chew through some pretty atrocious Perl code...

I don't remember all the details off-hand, and I can't share the code 
unfortunately. But tomorrow when I'm back in my office I might look it 
over and see if I can relate a few helpful hints.

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