I love git

David Cantrell david at cantrell.org.uk
Sun Oct 28 00:18:10 BST 2012

I needed to do a quick update to Number::Phone 2.0. But master in my git
repo is currently full of unfinished work.

I love git, because it was just so damned easy to checkout the
release-2.0 tag, create a branch off that, patch, release, tag (with
release-2.0001), and merge the changes back into master.  Doing all of
that in CVS doesn't bear thinking about, and doing it in svn, while
possible, would have required at least a little bit of thought, and I'm
not good at thinking this late in the day.

Now, my question - can I delete the branch, while still leaving the tag
in place?

David Cantrell
Professor of Unvironmental Science
University of Human Progress

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