Proprietary Sybase DBI/DBD module

Chris Jack chris_jack at
Mon Oct 29 14:07:07 GMT 2012

I'm just back from speaking at the Las Vegas SAP/Sybase conference (on a somewhat Perl related topic too!). One of the (other) interesting talks was about a new proprietary Sybase ASE DBI/DBD module for Perl (to be called DBD::SybaseASE from memory). They were a little short on specifics, but it sounds like it will answer a number of concerns with the current non-proprietary DBD::Sybase - for instance with performance of bulk loading. I asked what was being done about getting it into standard perl distributions, and the presenter didn't know. Hence my question: can anyone send me/post information or a link about how to get a new module into standard Perl distributions (and maybe also a list of the major perl distributions). RegardsChris 		 	   		  

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