Hotels for the LPW

Job van Achterberg jk4 at
Mon Oct 29 19:32:36 GMT 2012

Hi fellas,

My wife and I hope to attend this year (last year was grand). Here's a 
humble request for couch surfing! I've mailed Peter Corlett but have 
gotten no response (perhaps some spam filter ate my mail) so I'll just 
bug all of you with this.

In return I can offer homebrewed beer and/or cider, or Dutch 
(non-psychedelic) cookies.

With warmest regards,

Job && Mallory van Achterberg

On 10/26/12 15:30, DAVID HODGKINSON wrote:
> On 25 Oct 2012, at 09:00, Mark Keating <m.keating at> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I have been asked by a couple of people for hotel recommendations in and around the LPW for this year. Traditionally we have always left people to their own devices and the sites like TripAdvisor and, but since I have been asked and i know there is a vast wealth of knowledge and experience on this list i thought I might throw the question to the masses.
>> I await, with anticipation, your gracious responses.
> As a data point, $daughter said the Travelodge near Tower Bridge was "skanky".

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