Proprietary Sybase DBI/DBD module

Anthony Lucas anthonyjlucas at
Thu Nov 1 01:10:10 GMT 2012

But, why on earth would this go into a "standard perl distribution"? It doesn't sound very standard OR widely distributable.

You can't have it both ways...
No one is trying to be unwelcoming, It's just that we're getting 2 conflicting messages here.

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On 31 Oct 2012, at 20:40, DAVID HODGKINSON wrote:

> On 31 Oct 2012, at 20:00, Joel Bernstein <joel at> wrote:
>> Not to be snarky but the answer here seems to be "yes, and what's your point?"
> Companies that make you buy their software (limited, free, 
> development version notwithstanding, limiting the *client*
> systems you use out of what, fear that you might use their
> software more widely?

But do consider, loss of brand value/reputation as they can't properly test the client on every platform and one of their brand components is stability/reliability?

And I suspect most people deploying Sybase are going to tailor the OS/distro around it.


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