Duct Tape Quotation

Fred Youhanaie fly at anydata.co.uk
Mon Nov 19 23:43:56 GMT 2012

On 19/11/12 21:58, Tom Hukins wrote:
> This possibly leads on from Dave's question earlier:
> Perl was once described as "the duct tape that hold the Internet
> together".  As I recall this phrase comes from the webmaster of
> sun.com in the mid-nineties, but I can't find any evidence for this.
> Wikipedia points at some anecdotal salon.com article that fails to
> cite the original source.  Popular search engines don't reveal
> anything helpful either.
> Hopefully someone here can remind me, if only to reassure me that I
> haven't invented yet another faux-fact.
> Thanks,
> Tom

Most of the google hits give you this one, directly or indirectly


	_As Hassan Schroeder, Sun's first webmaster, remarked: "Perl is the duct tape of the Internet."_

after some refinement you'll get this one:



Fred Youhanaie

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