25 Years of Perl

Dave Cross dave at dave.org.uk
Tue Nov 20 06:50:23 GMT 2012

On 11/20/2012 04:57 AM, Yitzchak Scott-Thoennes wrote:
> On Mon, Nov 19, 2012 at 5:12 PM, David H. Adler <dha at panix.com> wrote:
>> If memory serves, YAS didn't "become" TPF. They were separate entities,
>> as was Perl Mongers. At a certain point, Kevin decided he didn't want to
>> run YAS anymore and brian decided not to run Perl Mongers anymore
> TPF also borged perlmonks, though I believe much more recently.

I'm pretty sure that TPF absorbed both Perl Mongers and Perl Monks at 
the same time. I remember an announcement being made at OSCON. And the 
only OSCONs I've been to are 2000-2002.


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