25 Years of Perl

Salve J Nilsen sjn+oslo.pm at pvv.org
Tue Nov 20 16:19:58 GMT 2012

Dave Cross said:
> What parts of Perl's history do you think are important. I'm 
> particularly interested in two areas.
> 1/ Technical
> 2/ Community

FWIW, I think the decision to start with time-based releases of Perl5 
was a good one, and probably worth mentioning. Not sure if that should 
be filed under 1/ or 2/. :)

- Salve

sub AUTOLOAD{$AUTOLOAD=~/.*::(\d+)/;seek(DATA,$1,0);print#  Salve Joshua Nilsen
getc DATA}$"="'};&{'";@_=unpack("C*",unpack("u*",':4@,$'.#     <sjn at foo.no>
'2!--"5-(50P%$PL,!0X354UC-PP%/0\`'."\n"));eval "&{'@_'}";   __END__ is near! :)

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