25 Years of Perl

B Maqueira bmi at ferrarihaines.com
Tue Nov 20 20:02:49 GMT 2012

Not sure if they would fit on the same league of DBI and TT, but to me LWP
and WWW::Mechanize are also true PERL gems.

> On 19/11/2012 17:29, Dave Cross wrote:
>> What CPAN modules deserve to be mentioned as part of Perl's history?
>> Which Perl infrastructure projects are (or were) important? Are there
>> any other technical things that need to be covered?
> I know Tim will not blow his own trumpet but ...
> One of the biggies was and is DBI.
> We used oraperl and ingperl (perl5 stuff) prior to DBI
> and did the oraperl v6 to v7 migration - even in those long
> ago days, perl was being used with "real" databases for real
> business apps.
> Another biggie was mod_perl,fastCGI and MP's precursor/
> standin/placeholder - cgi-minisvr.

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